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My friend, :iconfeelizanka: is offering commissions on her Twitter~! :heart: Please check them out, if you're interested...? <3
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150806 : the one that strangles by Feelizanka
:heart: :heart: :heart:



Free music video artists?:

Hello, is anyone else from my watchers perhaps interested in doing art for the music videos of our utaites?

They make covers as well as original music and they don't know any artists who would draw characters for their videos. It's a lot of fun, but you don't get paid (they're also making is for free, so unfortunately, that's a given v_v). If you have some free time and like to draw characters and share your works, please comment under this journal or write me a note, or write directly to Yui -> . (I would draw more if I had more time myself, ha ha... T-T'' ) Thanks for reading, and have a look at their work: :heart: :heart:

PS. If you know how to put together videos, they're also looking for video makers~! :heart:


Online now !
25.09.2016: Thank you so much for joining me last time! It was super fun. xD I loved the Bizzare Adventure short comedy sketches by the lovely duo who came by, ToastLordOfToastville and Shrubb. Thank youu! <D


Comic page livestream (offline) I'll livestream drawing a page of "Lazy Snow Leopard" for a while... ' 3 ' (Don't come if you haven't read till the last page...? XD' )
Thank you for watching! <3 Live again. Doing some sketches for another comic. x3
Aaaand thank you for watching again~! <3 :hug:
Hi there~!
I thought I would share a bit of my convention plans for this year.


:pointr: First is Międzynarodowy Festiwal Gier i Komiksów w Łodzi (International Festival of Comics and Games in Lodz). 1-2 October 2016 (1-2 października 2016), Łódź, Poland.
I will be having a stall with the lovely people from MydloZin: + . :heart:
I also hope to get to rpg with my friends from :iconluriduniversity:, since they're having a meet there!


:pointr: Secondly, for the first time in my life I'm going to visit England for ComicCon!
MCM London Expo, 28-30 October 2016.
I'm really excited, I've always wanted to visit England, but it's so expensive, I never had a chance to do so. But my old friend, :iconclockwork-moon: said that not only will she lent me a place to sleep, but she would even cook meals for me there, dawww! ;A; :heart: I might just be able to survive my first visit to England...!
We will also be having a booth, so please come by if you're going to be there. : D I'll be selling my "Lazy Snow Leopard" comics and doing sketch comissions.


That's it and I hope to see you there! <D :heart: :hug:

PS. Apricot Sketchbook printed + Glasgow Comic Con!I have two pieces of important news to share!
First of all - I'll be attending my first convention this year and it will be Glasgow Comic Con (24th-25th September)! :giggle: I'll be having a booth with my mate :iconclockwork-moon: , selling prints, books and sketch commissions (also for the first and only time this year)!
I'll be really happy to meet you and chat a little bit and I hope to see some of you there! (By the way, who is coming? :D Raise a hand, please!).
Secondly, I've finished the printed edition of the newest issue of "Apricot" Sketchbook for the convention (and I'm almost done with the PDF version)! Here are some photos freshly out of printing for you to see:

The sketchbook has 70 pages , all crisply printed in bla
<- :iconlapis-razuri: is going to Glasgow Comic Con, 24-25 September 2016. :D
CAM09742-kyaaa01 by Megan-Uosiu

THANK YOU SO MUCH, THIS IS MY DREAM COME TRUE! My own comic book in print~! I'm so proud, and happy, and excited!!! Thank you SO MUCH for this opportunity! You're absolutely amazing!! <33333333 :heart: :hug: :glomp: :cuddle: :huggle:

Unfortunately not everything worked out as well as the cover - I'm sad to say, that the print has stripes.... TAT I've been fighting with the checked pattern for over two weeks before finally deciding on the method to do it and working a whole month to edit it to be the most perfect ever... and yet... WHY? T_T I'm really sorry about this defect, I hope you will still enjoy the book. v3v''' I don't even know if I can complain to the print house, because maybe it was my mistake after all...? ~~'''

Cam09758-02 by Megan-Uosiu

Cam09763-03 by Megan-UosiuCam09764-04 by Megan-Uosiu
I'm truly sorry about this. v_v''' I could have just decided to give them the version with greyscale for print, but I really liked the small dots and how they looked a lot like a real manga raster. >u<''' Well, now I have a stripes-raster all over the comic. 8D''

But above all, regardless of that one downside, I'm really happy with how it turned out. TvT I think the cover is gorgeous, the cutting is really good, I love how all of the margins turned out, and most of all, the comic looks like a real comic, it's so amazing, I can't stop jumping from joy~!! XD

Cam09767-05 by Megan-Uosiu

And now I think I'm going to work on getting them sent to their rightful owners... +u+ Ohohohoho~ *overjoyed* :boogie: :dance: :party:

//EDIT: ... You know, after reading through the comics once, I've grown quite fond of those stripes after all. xD They don't really disturb the story and they give this special feeling to the pages. I think the next time someone asks me about them, I will just say they were made on purpose. xD Also, my impression after reading it as a book: KYAA, AHHH, SO HAPPY, *it's not as bad as I imagined*, *the theory that it's best to draw comic about stuff that you like to have at least one fan - yourself - is really true in this case xDDD*, *also, the only thing I can complain about now is... why is it so short??! xDDDDDDDDDD* Thank you guys! I'm so happy I could probably die now and have no regrets. TvT If anything - only that I didn't get to tell the whole story yet... xD Kyaaa! :dance: :thanks: :boogie:

//EDIT2 31.08.2016: First shipping sent! (Mhinbron, you were my guinea pig for shipping. xD Your package is coming first!)
Plus, all the copies have been signed. <3 My hand was shaking SO MUCH!... I hope you will like it. <D'''
(I used my All Might pen to give me strength, but it didn't help too much. xD)

//EDIT3 2.09.2016: Yesterday I showed my comic to some friends and they were like: "Whoaaa, how did you get that cool pattern? What program did you use?!" and I was like: "Ahahaha, that was the print house, but-- LOL, am I glad you think it's cool"! xD Hej, if professional artists think that it doesn't disturb the story, then it must be alright? I think I might consider trying to get that same effect in the later volumes if I ever print them... xD

:spotlight-left:… :spotlight-right:
And another thing! Thanks to the kindness of the people behind the MydłoZin (SoapZin) - I'll be selling my comic at Międzynarodowy Festiwal Gier i Komiksów w Łodzi! (the International Festival of Comics and Games in Lodz) If you're thinking of going, please come by our table to say hi! : D (PL: Przy okazji, mieszka ktoś w Łodzi, kto mógłby mnie przenocować...? XD' )… <- English version is here. You can win an original drawing from one of those 8 awesome people if you pay them just 8 dollars! And you get it delivered to your house along with their cool zin full of comics and illustrations, that won't be available anywhere after that. Check it out to see if you're interested! :heart:

//EDIT4 5.09.2016: Sorry for the wait, the first part of the shippings has been sent! \ o / I started with all of the orders above 40$. The second part will be shipped in two days, because I need time to write all those addresses. OuO''' Thank you so much for your patience! <3 Just a little bit more. >v<

//EDIT5 7.09.2016: All of the packages sent! <3333 :heart: :dance: :boogie: :la:

//EDIT6 8.09.2016: My friends today to me: "We were watching Voltron and... Those robots were sleeping for 10000 years! They're not Lions! They're Lazy Snow Leopards!!" - I died. xD

//EDIT7 11.09.2016: The Snow Leopard is starting to arrive in people's houses, I'm so glad! <D Here are some shared posts about the arrivals:…………… <- Dranka has spammed me with her reactions, but I'm so glad she seems to enjoy it. <D Yay! ^////^ Thank you so much for liking my comics~! <3 :heart:

I made a video for you. ;w; Thank you so much for this...! <3 <3 <3 :hug: :hug: :hug:


Elks rule my life.

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Hope you're doing fine <3 : D
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