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EDIT: 10.04.2017:

I really tried, but unfortunately, there won't be any comic up-dates untill I'm back from Polymanga. v_v You will have to wait just a little bit longer! >u< (Spoiler: It is the Panther. vuv)
But I did my best to prepare some (I hope) interesting stuff for you for the convention. I can hardly wait to go and meet you all! <3 :hug:
I will be really happy if you come by my booth in the Artists' Village at level B4 and say hi~! <3 :heart: ^^=

Polymanga 2017 Switzerland by Megan-Uosiu
:iconlapis-razuri: :iconanikakinka: :iconred-priest-usada: :icon5494: and :iconlittleulvar: will be there with me too~! <3
And I can't wait to meet my friends from abroad whom I haven't seen for so long~! ; u ;
See you there~!!! <3 :heart: :heart: :heart: :hug:


EDIT: 4.04.2017:

I have another deadline today, so probably the next comic up-date will be tomorrow. @_@ And then a hiatus till Polymanga, since I'm always too busy around conventions to draw the comic. OTL Please wait just a little bit longer, and I will probably have a double spread for you tomorrow or the day after~ :heart:

PS. Also, OMG, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I've won second place in the Polymanga contest!! <3 Thank you~! :heart: :heart: :heart: :hug:


EDIT: 27.03.2017:

Give-away presents sent! Once again sorry for making you wait and thank you so much for helping me with promoting my campaign at IndieGoGo to print my comic! <3
LSL: Lottery results + comic print progress
Hello, sorry for the wait! Here are the results of the give-away lottery! Thank you so much for your support, everyone! <3

The winners are: on Tumblr,
and on DeviantArt!
Congratulations to the winners!
Please send me a note on DA or on Tumblr with the details of the character you would like to receive as a sketch. <3 It's gonna be just a simple sketch, but I hope you will like it. : D You can expect the packages in September 2016, since I need to get the comic books from the print house anyway. You can also tell me your preferred postcards, but please make sure to add some additional types, since I might run out of the stock with some of them.
Thank you and
Lazy Snow Leopard comic book preorders + giveaway!
I've decided to start a campaign at IndieGoGo to fund my very first printed comic book ever. (I'm super happy, but also super stressed to be doing this. xD' ) I hope you will like it...? <3''' :heart:
No Star Lazy Snow Leopard comic book - IndieGoGo campaig. No Star
I would be also very very grateful for sharing this project to make it reach as many people as possible. : D I want to find out with this if I can make it as a comic artist, or is it just a dream... xD'
On this occassion I have a special LSL give away for you all!
For spreading the news (on your DeviantArt, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram,…


Also, I've made myself a Patreon. xD
:spotlight-left: :spotlight-right:
I will sometimes upload my comics there ahead of time, or some wips, or non-published sketches. If it would grow, I'd like to add other cool stuff to it, but for now, every month I will be giving out a pack of my daily sketches, like these ones:…
Sketches_66 by Megan-Uosiu Sketches_62 by Megan-Uosiu Sketches_067 by Megan-Uosiu
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu! <3


EDIT: 14.03.2017:

Finally the print house has started working, so I can get a break now, yess. :heart:

I'm sorry for no up-dates for two days, "Lazy Snow Leopard" will be back on the track today~! (I just really needed a little break, it's a miracle I didn't get sick again. ~~' )

This week I will be working on commissions + the overdue give-away prizes. I will get the posters on Friday, so I will try to send everything out on Monday, if things go smoothly. Again - Thank you for your patience and I'm really sorry about the delay. v_v''' :hug: Thank you. <3


EDIT: 4.03.2017:

:spotlight-left: Siren's Ballad (VN game) :spotlight-right:
For now - just a short ad, but my friends are developing a visual novel. : D It will be available in Polish and English. Please check it out and maybe send them some encouraging feedback? It's their first game, so I think they would love some friendly advice / critique / and love shared. <3

Tumblr Static 44wb6lku9l0kscskw8owk8k04 by Megan-Uosiu
You can also follow them on Tumblr to see the progress they will be making: : D :heart:

PS.… - the same studio has previous made a small Halloween dress-up game for you to enjoy, so if you'd like - have fun with it too. :heart:
Take care, guys~! And thank you so much for your support. <3 :hug:

PPS. Okay, and maybe a short up-date on life. @_@ I have to finish the last poster for Polymanga, sent them to the print house and I will be back to drawing commissions~! I'm so sorry for making you wait. Just two more days. ;3;''' :glomp: Thank you for being patient! <3''

PPPS. And also, you can read chapter 7 of my comics, "Lazy Snow Leopard" here:… :heart: (it's about half-way done). <3


EDIT 14.02.2017: I did a little Character Q+A event on my comics, "Lazy Snow Leopard"! :heart:
Please check it out and see if you'd like to maybe ask a question...? ; u ; :hug:
On SmackJeeves! :heart:
On Tapastic! :heart:

Lazy Snow Leopard: Character Q+A by Megan-Uosiu

EDIT 10.02.2017: I was asked about the prizes from the Lazy Snow Leopard give-away. Yes, they were not sent yet, I'm so sorry about this! ;3;''' I think I will be sending them around March/April 2017, because I still need to gather up some things for them. Plus, I didn't get a reply from some of the winners and I don't know where to send you your packages. @_@ If you haven't sent me your postal address yet, please do so via a note or to Thank you. :heart:

EDIT 9.02.2017: I've made another deadline - for the Ma Buller Polymanga illustration contest. Yay!

EDIT: 4.02.2017: I have safely made the deadline, somehow. <3 Now please just let me sleep and I will be back with you shortly~! :heart:


Hi~! :heart:

A short up-date on my life, since I'm in the middle of the last-minute comic drawing for a contest. xD
I have 5 days left and 15/?? pages half-done... Ohhhh, this is going to be painful. Those sleepless nights. Mm... I can hardly wait. xD'


Second news is that I've passed my JLPT N1 exam! \ o / Hurray! :heart:
Thank you for all the good luck wishes - they've really come true! TvT
And thank you for all the congratulations. <3 :hug: :hug: :hug:


And thirdly, I know about some conventions I will be attending this year:

1. Polymanga 2017, 13-17th April 2017, Montreux, Switzerland.
They've accepted my application, I'm so happy! ;v; Thank you so much!! <333
It will be my first time at Polymanga, so I hope to have a great time there. :D Please take care of me, if you will be coming...? <|3
I will write more info later~

2. Pyrkon 2017, 28-30th April 2017, Poznań, Poland.
This year I'm also going for the first time to the Pyrkon Fantasy, Science Fiction and Pop-Culture Convention!
I won't have a booth or anything, but I hope to meet a lot of my friends from Poland there. : D
See you in Poznań! <D


That's all for now. I'm sorry for being inactive on DA and everywhere else. I promise to send you your commissions as soon as I'm past the contest deadline. @_@''' Wish me luck! <3 :heart: (... and stamina! xD) 9-11 December 2016, Frankfurt (Messe), Germany.
I will be going to the EpicCon with :iconlapis-razuri:, :iconlittleulvar: and :iconkairek:. :heart:
Is anyone going maybe?... Our booth is going to be called "Easy as Pierożki". :D

We will be in the Artist Alley (H1), booth number A017!

Frankfurt EpiccCon by Megan-Uosiu

Epiccon! by Lapis-Razuri


2016-11-06 Angel-07 by Megan-Uosiu
I think I will work some more on that picture, so Livestream will be online in a few moments~!

Ah, sorry, I forgot to make this offline. ;3;''''

13.11.2016: I got my webcam back, so I'm going to test it for a bit. : D :heart: ONLINE!

Offline, thank you for watching! <333

26.11.2016: Anyone up for a short livestream, just perhaps? : DDD :heart:

3.12.2016: Offline~
Thank you for stopping by~!

6.12.2016: Online~
I need to make some commission samples for the EpicCon, so I'm going to stream water colours painting for a while this time~! : D
Thank you for watching! <3


22.11.2016: I'm almost out of my flu / cold / whatever it was. Tomorrow I will try to start drawing the rest of the commissions. I'm so sorry for making you wait! ;w;''' :heart:
Hi... I'm opening commissions for now.

:pointr: Rules:
- It's for your personal use only.
- I don't draw: NSFW, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs.
- I'll start drawing after receiving the money.

:pointr: How to order:
- Please send me a note with the reference pictures and the description of the character(s) you want me to draw.
- You can choose the composition (fullbody, halfbody, portrait), the pose (dynamic or static - choose something specific if you want to!) and the style (manga, semi-realism / with or without lineart). If you don't specify it, I will draw whatever I see fit based on the reference I receive.
- I'm usually sending a sketch before starting the work on the commission to see if you will like the pose, composition, etc. (It's usually quite rough though.)
- After I'm done I will send you a 100% size, 300 dpi finished picture.

:pointr: - Payment methods: PayPal.

:pointr: Commission types:

10€ - Pencil sketch of a character without a background (A5 size). Additional character +8€.
<something like my usual sketches>

10€ - Ink drawing of a character without a background (A5 size). Additional character +8€.
<something like my inktober drawings>

25€ - CG art of a character without a background (A5 size). Additional character +25€.

50€ - CG art with a background (A5 size), one character. Additional character +20€.

100€ - CG art with a background (A4 size), one character. Additional character +50€.

Commission list:
- :iconaishishi: paid, finished!
- :iconwellthatsawkward: paid, finished!
- :iconpoltaije: paid, finished + sent!
- :iconnaeomi: paid, in progress...! (about 95% done~)
- :iconarchangelfighter: paid, finished!
- :iconjar3d-washington: paid
, in progress...! (about 50% done~)
- :iconcatgirldstr11:
- :iconjanabanana1: paid

Thank you so much. :heart: <3


Elks rule my life.

Comics on:
Smack Jeeves:…

Current Residence: Warsaw, Poland
Personal Quote: ..::ELK RLZ::..


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PlayerSinon Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're awesome! Your improvement over the years is amazing! You must have worked really really hard to get this good. But it's probably not the end of the road for you, maybe not by a long shot. It pains me to say this but i am no better than when you started, much worse infact. I hope to achieve such beauty in my works as you in yours. I don't know you, but i hope things are going well in your life.

Ganbatte!!!!! Kawai kaeru is watching you!


I'm just a weirdo :3 don't mind me :'D
Megan-Uosiu Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2017
Aww, this comment is so cute, dawwww!! :heart:
Thank you so much~! ;3; <3 <3 <3
Haha, yes, it took really long. I will keep on trying to improve and I hope you will do the same too! <D Practice makes perfect and eventually if you really really want it - I'm sure you will be able to achieve all your dreams! <3 Good luck! :heart: :hug:
PlayerSinon Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I will achieve them! X thank you for your kind words :) xxx!
ShinigamiRyuku Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2016
Hej! Wesołch Świąt!
Megan-Uosiu Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2016
I nawzajem - wesołych Świąt!! <3
Piffi-adoptables Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2016
Thanks for the watch **!!I love your works <3333
Megan-Uosiu Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2016
Wow, oh, wow... th-thank you, I was so amazed by your style it has blown my mind away! It's an honour to get a personal comment from you...! OAO Thank you very much!! :thanks: :heart: :heart: Masterr...! (xD)
YomogiMochi Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
Hi Megan,
Just wanted to say that I love your art work - I've actually had your page saved to my favourites for years now, and always enjoy dropping by to see what you've done. Your sketches and "anatomy lessons" (from way back when!) have been a constant inspiration for me to improve my own art. So thanks so much! I'll look forward to seeing more of your beautiful art in the future :3
Megan-Uosiu Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2016
Aww, thank you! Haha, those old lessons, I hope they didn't do more bad than good. ;;;; I was inspired by CoeyKuhn's art back then (unfortunately, she's already deleted all her art from that time), but I myself didn't understand anatomy that well, so it's quite simplified. xD'
YomogiMochi Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
Don't worry, they did the world of good! :) I don't understand anatomy that well now, so simplified is good for me xD And CoeyKuhn's art is amazing...thanks for sharing the link!
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